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Weekly Alert -- October 14, 2014

News on underwater, unmanned minehunting vehicles, a proposed Army remotely piloted surveillance aircraft and more. Read the Alert

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Northrop Tests Unmanned Minehunting Vehicle Planned For LCS Flight II

Northrop Grumman recently demonstrated the capabilities of its Mine Hunting Unmanned surface vehicle, which is planned ultimately to deploy off of the Navy's Flight II Littoral Combat Ship, according to a company official.

Navy Tests Swarmboat Technology, Operational Demo Within One Year

The Navy successfully tested its autonomous swarmboat technology and is planning an operational demonstration of the technology within the year, which may be used in the future to escort billion-dollar ships, defend people, ports, waterways and commerce, according to a service official.

Army Wants New Unmanned Aerial Vehicle For Long-Range Reconnaissance

The Army hopes to acquire an unmanned surveillance aircraft that can fly for up to eight hours at upwards of 16,000 feet, according to a request for information posted to the Federal Business Opportunities website.

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ACC Exploring Requirement For Affordable Surveillance And Strike Aircraft

Air Combat Command has commissioned a study to determine what type of intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance aircraft -- be they manned or unmanned -- the Air Force will need 10 to 15 years from now, and the prevailing view is the new aircraft will be multirole, having both surveillance and strike capabilities.

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